Glider Polar & World Av Weather Support

Glider Polar is intended to be an educational tool for glider pilots of all skill levels. It calculates the polar for any type of glider.  The polar (shown as a red curve) shows sink rate (knots) versus airspeed (knots).  The app also calculates the polar for varying wind conditions and glider gross weight.  In addition, the best L/D (Lift/Drag) airspeed is calculated (blue circle).  Minimum sink is shown as a green dot.

Glider Polar is useful for comparing performance under various conditions such as weight and wind.  For example, changing the weight slider will immediately show the effect of water ballast on cruise speed.  It's also a useful tool for the new glider pilot beginning cross country soaring.

Glider Polar comes with more than 25 popular glider preloaded in its database.  The user can add gliders to the database (using + button).

The performance of each glider is based on quadratic coefficients that are found in nearly all glide computers.  Note: It's important to set the reference weight and (a, b, and c) coefficients precisely.  Small errors in the coefficients may result in an inaccurate polar.

Gliders are easily deleted from the database using the standard iOS left swipe.


If you have comments or question, please send a message.  I usually reply within 24 hours.

Privacy Policy:  Glider Polar and World Av Weather do not collect ANY user data.

Safe flying...